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You don’t have to commit to having cosmetic surgery to address your beauty concerns. Here at Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery in Rancho Mirage, we have something for just about everyone. We’re proud to offer proven surgical and nonsurgical treatments that can restore a more youthful appearance, enhance your already-gorgeous features, and allow you to feel amazing about your appearance!

Dr. Maria Lombardo and our experienced staff are here to assist you in determining your ideal treatment. Contact us at 760-610-8990 to schedule your exploratory consultation today!

Will Injectables Like BOTOX® Or Dermal Fillers Look Unnatural?

Our goal is to help you look and feel your best. When using injectable wrinkle reducers, we are careful to fill in areas with an eye for overall balance and harmony. Your treatment is outlined based on your preferences and desired results, as well, leaning toward looking younger, more defined, and more energized without losing the unique qualities that make you naturally beautiful.

How Much Time Will I Need For Recovery From My Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatment?

Most of our nonsurgical treatments involve injectables. These don’t require you to take any time off work. However, you’ll be given some advice regarding activities to avoid for at least a few hours after your appointment. For example, because there is a slight risk of bruising and product migration away from the insertion sites, we recommend taking it easy for the rest of the day after getting injectable treatment. Postpone exercise, hot tub use, and even a hot shower until the following day. Also, to allow the product to fully absorb exactly where it is wanted, refrain from lying down or massaging the treated area for at least four hours.

What Can A TCA Peel Do And What Can I Expect If I Receive This Treatment?

If you’ve lived in the sunshine or enjoyed tanning at any point in your life, you’re probably noticing the signs of sun damage. Chemical peels have long been an excellent way to reduce concerns like sun spots, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and more. The TCA peel is a medium-grade treatment that can also address blemishes, acne, acne scarring, and melasma.

You may harbor some concern that a medium-grade chemical peel may be painful or require a lot of down time. The TCA peel can be customized in its concentration to better suit your needs and preferences. A full-face treatment, regardless of strength, can take about an hour. During that time, you may feel stinging, tingling, and a warming sensation. Your provider will take steps to keep you comfortable.

After a TCA peel, you’ll need to refrain from sun exposure. You may have some aftercare instructions to promote optimal cellular turnover and skin health while old cells are sloughing off and new, fragile cells are emerging. During this time, which may last about one week, your skin may flake, peel, and appear pink. You may need to take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever to address soreness and tenderness.

Which Injectable Treatment Is Right For Me?

Because injectable treatments are so popular, one of two things commonly happens. A person either views all injectables as doing the same thing or feels overwhelmed at the abundance of choices they have. Here, we walk you through the process so you don’t have to fall into either of those mindsets. The injectable that is right for you will be revealed during our consultation. During that visit, we’ll ask questions about what you wish to accomplish and what conditions concern you the most.

If you’re concerned about frown lines, worry lines, crows’ feet, or descending eyebrows, we may suggest a product like BOTOX® or Dysport®. If you want to plump naturally flat or deflated lips, add some contour to your cheekbones, or smooth lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, we may suggest one of our proven dermal fillers. The various fillers that we use, including those in the Juvederm®, Restylane®, and RHA Collection families, are made using uniquely formulated hyaluronic acid solutions. Based on your concerns and desired outcome, your provider will be able to make a precise recommendation for you.

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