hCG Diet

Have you struggled with weight loss systems and diets that just don’t work? Do you want to get bikini ready in record time? The hCG Diet Program may be right for you. The hCG Diet helps you tap in to your body’s own latent potential by using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) injections to jump-start the fat-burning process. hCG occurs naturally in the body and is extremely effective at burning stored fat.

How The hCG Diet Works

Under the supervision of Dr. Lombardo, you’ll receive injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Each round of treatment lasts 23 days. During this time, the hCG causes your body to release stored fat, which provides you with the calories you need to function every day. You’ll be restricted to a 500-calorie a day diet during this time. The calorie restrictions will remain in place until you achieve your weight loss goal or until your 23-day cycle ends, whichever comes first.

Benefits Of The hCG Diet

Rapid Weight Loss.

The combination of the hormone injections and reduced calorie consumption leads to rapid weight loss – as much as one pound per day!

Tap Into Fat Stores.

You will be able to rid your body of excess fat stores and use them as fuel throughout the treatment cycle.

A 23-Day Program.

You have a specific start and end point on the hCG Diet. No more endless days of dieting!

Astonishing Results.

Just imagine losing up to twenty pounds in one month

Is The hCG Diet Right For You?

If you are tired of dieting plans that just don’t work and are ready to work with your body’s own natural functions, the hCG Diet Program may be right for you.

The diet program requires commitment and the ability to handle daily hormone injections. If you’re needle-shy, Dr. Lombardo will teach you a very easy way to do the daily treatments. But if you are a healthy individual who is committed to losing weight and can stick to a high-protein, low carb diet for 23 days, it may be the answer to your dieting dilemma.

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