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Body contouring is most often used after significant weight loss to reshape the body by removing excess sagging fat and skin. They are also popular “mommy makeover” procedures used by women to improve the appearance of the body after having children. These body lifts do more than just remove excess skin. They also help improve the shape of the underlying tissue, which results in a more natural appearance and smoother body contours. Procedures may include any or all of the following:

  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Lower body lift
  • Medial thigh lift
  • Arm lift

Body Contouring Procedures

There are many procedures that fall under the umbrella of body contouring but all require anesthesia and incisions. Incisions are located strategically to minimize visible scarring or be hidden by clothing. The exact placement and size of your incisions will depend on the procedures you have done.

Once incisions have been made, the cosmetic surgeon can remove excess fat and skin and reshape the contours of the body to achieve the results you desire. Incisions are closed with sutures and wrapped tightly in medical gauze to help the skin adhere to your new shape.

Keep in mind that it may take several visits for all of your body contouring procedures to be completed.

Am I a candidate for body contouring

Adults should be at a stable weight before undergoing body contouring procedures. If you plan to lose even more weight, you should wait to have the procedure done until you’ve achieved your weight-loss goal or else you will find yourself back in the same position you are in now, of having excess skin that needs to be removed or tightened.

Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and has excess or sagging skin anywhere on his or her body is a candidate for body contouring. Ideal candidates are healthy and committed to maintaining their weight loss.

Body Contouring Cost and Recovery

Immediately after surgery, your body will be sore and wrapped in compression garments. This speeds up healing and helps the body adjust to its new shape. Expect to see some swelling and bruising for the first week or two. Prescriptions will be given to you to help manage any pain or discomfort you experience as well as reduce the potential for infection.

You will receive specific activity restrictions based on the procedures you’ve had done. This could include restrictions on bending, lifting or straining the body part in any way. It is important to adhere to the surgeon’s instructions to heal properly.

How much does body contouring cost?

Since body contouring covers such a wide range of procedures, costs are highly dependent on what type of work you have done. Contact our office to learn more about the costs of our services and procedures.

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