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Whether it is to redo the ravages of time, or to rid your body of the unwanted side effects of pregnancy or weight loss, Dr. Maria Lombardo offers tummy tuck surgery to patients in Rancho Mirage and the surrounding areas. Call 760-610-8990 today to book your abdominoplasty consultation!

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

The goal of a tummy tuck, clinically known as abdominoplasty, is to flatten and tighten the lower stomach/abdomen area. The surgery removes excess skin and fat in the abdomen area and tightens or repositions weakened or separated muscles. It may include minor liposuction to help remove pockets of fat. In particular, the Avelar method uses fairly extensive liposuction.

Candidates For Tummy Tuck Surgery

Most people develop a slight pooch in their lower abdomen as they get older, particularly after turning 40. Women who have had children usually have skin and support tissue that has been stretched to a degree that it can’t tighten back down. And people who have gained and then lost a good deal of weight can have the same overstretching of the muscles and skin that can’t be addressed without removing excess skin.

These are all good candidates for tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Lombardo. By employing different methods — full tummy tuck, expanded tuck, mini tuck, or Avelar tuck — most people could benefit from this procedure. Tummy tucks are especially good for people with excess sagging skin that won’t tighten back down no matter what kind of exercise regimen they try.

If you only have fat accumulation but your skin is still very elastic and not overly stretched, then liposuction alone could be all you need.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

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We all want to have a flat stomach, but few of us have one. Whether your stomach pooch can be traced back to pregnancy or the gain and loss of weight, there’s not much you can do with the overly stretched skin and muscles. Plus, the simple slackening of muscle and tissue with age can give even a person at his or her ideal weight a slight pooch.

Dr. Maria Lombardo can perform a variety of tummy tuck procedures to give you the flat, firm stomach that you desire.

What Are The Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck?

What’s the benefit of having your former tight, contoured abdomen back? Women can become disillusioned by the changes pregnancy has made to their abdomen. It’s irritating to see the pooch on their lower abdomen every morning when getting out of the shower. And for people who’ve lost a lot of weight, it’s depressing to now be left with hanging skin. This surgery with Dr. Lombardo changes all of that, and repositioning separated stomach muscles can actually slim the patient’s waistline.

If your rectus stomach muscles have separated due to the localized weight gain of pregnancy, they cannot come back to the center of the stomach without surgical repositioning. Once back in place, they can be strengthened with exercise, where before you felt there was nothing you could do about your saggy tummy. Bottom line? Our patients love their results from their tummy tuck surgery.

How Are Different Tummy Tuck Methods Performed?

Dr. Lombardo adjusts your tummy tuck to your individual needs. She can make variations in the length of the main incision and can opt to either include or not include a second incision around the belly button. Liposuction can be included, particularly with the Avelar method.

In a traditional tummy tuck, Dr. Lombardo makes one incision that runs from hip to hip, generally following the bikini line so that the scar is hidden. A second incision is made either within or around the belly button to address the upper abdomen. After the incisions are made, the upper abdominal skin is pulled away from the muscle beneath. The underlying muscles are brought together and stitched into place for a firmer abdomen and narrower waist. Fat pockets may be removed with minor liposuction at this point.

Surgeon hands doing plastic surgery in operating room.

The skin is then stretched down and over the newly tightened muscles, excess skin is trimmed, and the navel is moved to a new, natural position. The incisions are then closed.

These are the variations on a traditional tummy tuck:

Avelar Tummy Tuck

– This method, developed by Dr. Avelar in the 90s, involves much more use of liposuction than other tummy tuck procedures. The goal is to remove excess fat and skin. Liposuction is performed to thin the fat layer of the abdomen and create as much loose skin as possible. The skin is then stretched, the excess skin is removed and the flap is stitched back into place. No drains are placed, but compression garments are placed to help re-contour the shape. The best candidates for a tummy tuck are men or women who are in good shape and are bothered by a large fat deposit or loose abdominal skin. It is usually safe to perform an Avelar tummy tuck with previous upper abdominal surgeries since the vessels and nerves are not cut.

Mini Tummy Tuck

– A mini tuck may be all a patient with a small pooch needs. Here the horizontal incision is somewhat shorter and skin is lifted only to the navel area. The second incision at the belly button is not made. Mini tummy tucks are ideal for patients who don’t have large amounts of loose skin and who still have good abdominal muscle strength.

Extended Tummy Tuck

– The goal here is to expand the target from the abdomen to also include the “love handles.” To do this, the hip-to-hip incision is extended behind the hips. This lengthens the scarring but expands the area addressed.

Fluer De Lis (W-Plasty) Tummy Tuck

– This technique includes a vertical incision in addition to the horizontal incision and is used typically in massive weight loss/bariatric patients who have so much excess skin that it needs to be removed by pulling down and pulling in.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

– This is also known as a body lift. Circumferential tummy tucks are often performed on patients who have had gastric bypass surgery. The weight is gone, but now the patient is discouraged by the amount of loose, hanging skin that remains. The incision in a circumferential tuck usually wraps around the entire waste, allowing the largest amount of skin to be pulled down and trimmed.

How Long Does A Tummy Tuck Procedure Last?

A tummy tuck with Dr. Lombardo can last anywhere from one to five hours depending on the approach she uses. A mini tuck, which involves only a single, often shorter, incision at the hipbone level, is a shorter procedure than a full traditional tummy tuck. A full tuck has the lower incision and a second incision in or around the navel.

Once Dr. Lombardo sees your unique situation during your consultation, she can give you a good idea of exactly what method she would use and approximately how long your surgery will take.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

Dr. Lombardo offers Exparel for post-surgical pain management. Exparel is a long-acting injectable numbing solution that can aid in recovery after your Tummy Tuck procedure. How difficult your recovery will be is correlated to the type of tummy tuck Dr. Lombardo performed. But every method involves incisions and a good deal of tissue excision and muscle repositioning. These are major surgeries on the abdomen area, and because these muscles are involved in so many human movements, full recovery can take some time.

Overweight woman with flabby belly and fat hips

Patients will need to rest for at least two weeks and may need up to six weeks for more extensive tucks. You’ll need to arrange help around the house, as you won’t be able to lift more than just a few pounds. Any lifting of more weight or strenuous exercise will need to wait for at least six weeks. You will have soreness along your incisions for weeks, full recovery can stretch to months in some cases.

Dr. Lombardo will discuss the parameters of your recovery before and after your surgery.

How Long Will The Results Of My Tummy Tuck Last?

The changes made by Dr. Lombardo are permanent. The excess skin and fat removed are gone for good. If she had to bring your stomach muscles back to the center, they will remain in place unless you become pregnant again or gain and then lose a large amount of weight. 

There will be some sagging with the passing years, as you would expect, but that should be relatively minimal. If you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle, you should enjoy your new flat abdomen for the duration.

How Long After A Tummy Tuck Will I See My Results?

You’ll be able to see the changes made with this procedure immediately, although they will be somewhat masked initially with your bandages and then with compression garments. You will have swelling, but you’ll see the difference in your stomach immediately. As your recovery progresses, your skin and support tissues will continue to tighten down over your slimmer contour.

I’m Not Sure If I Am Finished Having Children, Should I Still Have A Tummy Tuck?

If you’re considering having additional children a tummy tuck will have to wait. The effects of pregnancy will negate the results of your tummy tuck. Also, people who plan to lose more weight should delay their tummy tuck as the additional weight loss will create more loose skin. It’s important to remember that abdominoplasty is a body-contouring procedure, not a weight-loss procedure. 

What Are The Side Effects Of A Tummy Tuck?

MRSA one year later

These are popular procedures and have been performed around the world hundreds of thousands of times. The main side effect, per se, is the scar created by this procedure. A tummy tuck incision is the longest in cosmetic surgery, stretching from hipbone to hipbone (longer for circumferential tucks), so it leaves an extensive scar. But Dr. Lombardo uses her board-certified training, expertise, and considerable experience to place the scar where it can be effectively hidden beneath a bathing suit bottom or under a panty line. But there will be a scar. Still, patients are thrilled to have their stomach pooch gone, and to have a slim, tighter contour regardless.

Tummy Tuck Reviews

"Where do I start I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Lombardo. Excellent bed side manner, takes her time to explain every detail of the procedure from Botox to surgery. Shopped around the valley and obtained multiple opinions from plastic surgerons by far she made me feel most relaxed and comfortable and wasn’t all about money. She’s always available for any needs regarding your care and her staff is friendly!"

- Anonymous

Cost Of Tummy Tuck

The typical price range of a tummy tuck is $9,500 – $12,500. We offer CareCredit financing options as well. For more specific information, schedule your free consultation today!

Risks Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty is major surgery, so it entails all of the risks involved with that: swelling/bruising, bleeding, poor wound healing, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and others. Complications are unlikely when the surgical patient is appropriate for the procedure.

Contact Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery in Rancho Mirage, CA today to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure where we serve greater Palm Springs & Palm Desert areas.

What Should I Expect At My Consultation For A Tummy Tuck With Dr. Lombardo?

Dr. Lombardo views every consultation as a complete give and takes of information between the two of you. She wants her patients to have as much information about the procedure as possible.

You’ll begin by describing your issues with your stomach area. You’ll detail the changes you’d like to see occur with this surgery. Then Dr. Lombardo will conduct an examination of your abdominal area to see the extent of your sagging skin and pockets of accumulated fat. This will give her the information she needs to make a decision on the method she’ll use for your tuck. She’ll describe the procedure in detail, along with the changes you’ll enjoy afterward. She’ll discuss the risks involved and possible complications. Throughout the process, she’ll encourage you to interject any and all questions you may have.

When your consultation is finished, whether you choose to move ahead and schedule your surgery or not, you should be well-versed in all aspects of a tummy tuck.

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