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Why Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with large and pendulous breasts often experience neck and back pain and discomfort due to the excess weight and strain their breasts put on these muscles. For some women, large breasts lead to self-consciousness and low self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, can alleviate these problems, resulting in smaller, firmer, and perkier breasts.

Men, too, can benefit from male breast reduction surgery, particularly if they are suffering from Gynecomastia. This swelling of the breast tissue isn’t usually serious, but it can be embarrassing or even painful. Breast reduction surgery can remove the excess tissue causing the swelling and restore male breasts to their natural appearance.

Candidates For Breast Reduction Surgery

Good candidates reduction mammoplasty are healthy women who have:

  • Overly large breasts resulting in physical discomfort or pain
  • Stretched skin and/or areolas as a result of heavy, pendulous breasts
  • Breasts that restrict physical activity
  • Low self-esteem due to large breasts
  • Nipples that rest below the breast crease when unsupported
  • Skin irritations below the breast crease

How Old Do You Have To Be To Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. Lombardo typically wants her breast reduction patients to be at least 18 years old. There are really two reasons behind this. First, female breast development continues throughout the teenage years and it may not be fully complete until a woman’s early 20s. If you already have breasts far larger than you’d like, this may seem an arbitrary guideline, but by waiting until age 18 that precludes the possibility of needing a second reduction if your breasts keep growing.

Woman covering her bare breasts

Just as important as physical criteria, young women need to be emotionally ready for this procedure. For most women plagued by the excess weight of their breasts and the unwanted attention they attract, these procedures are truly life-changing. But this involves a significant change in your body shape, and you simply need to have the maturity to handle it.

In extreme cases, exceptions can be made, but generally, Dr. Lombardo prefers her breast reduction patients to be at least 18.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

During Reduction Mammoplasty, excess fat, tissues, and skin are removed from the breasts to make them smaller and more in proportion to the body. This is done under general anesthesia.

The necessary incisions include:

  • Around the areola
  • A vertical line running from the bottom of the areola to the crease underneath the breast
  • The natural curve of the breast crease

Once incisions have been made, fat, tissue and skin are removed. The areola and nipple are shifted higher on the breast and the areola may be reduced in size to complement the new breast size.

While some scarring is unavoidable, the incisions are made in ways that minimize the appearance of scars and allow for the most natural-looking results.

Before And After Breast Reduction

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Patient Testimonials

"Preparing for surgery was easy, all of my appointments have been quick and easy, and overall my entire experience with Dr. Lombardo and her staff has been excellent. The surgery center Lombardo performs her surgeries in was top notch as well."

- Arenna B.

How Do I Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Your physical preparations are the same as for any surgery: stop taking anti-inflammatory medications, stop taking most supplements, stop taking any blood-thinning medication, and stop smoking for at least two weeks prior to and after your surgery.

Preparation really needs to position for your recovery. You’ll need to get your recovery area ready, as you’ll need to take at least one week off work. You won’t be able to lift much, either, so plan on someone helping you around the house for the first week. This is no time to tough it out — your overall recovery often stems from how the first week goes. Fill your pain medication prescription beforehand and plan to need to lay low for a week or more. Have Netflix or a couple of good books ready. Make a nest for a comfortable recovery so you can crawl right in when you get home.

Recovery From Breast Reduction Surgery

Immediately after your breast reduction procedure, the area will be wrapped in a compression bra and bandages to protect the incision sites and speed healing. Expect to see some bruising that fades within 10 days of the procedure.

You will be sore for several weeks after your procedure. Plan to reduce your normal activities for the first few weeks as your body recovers. During this time, you should wear a support bra to help minimize swelling. Medications will be prescribed to help you deal with the discomfort and help prevent infection. As the incisions heal, you may experience some itching but this will fade with time. Once the swelling has subsided, you will be able to see the new contours of your breasts.

Will A Breast Reduction Really Help My Back And/Or Neck Problems?

If you have large natural breasts, say DD cups or E cups for bra size, each of your breasts weighs from 2.5 pounds to 3 pounds. Think about that for a minute with a weight you’re accustomed to, such as a pound of hamburger. Now triple that for each breast and that’s a good amount of weight that has to be carried by your back and neck. Sure, a bra distributes the weight, but that only makes your shoulders suffer from bra straps digging into your delicate shoulder skin.

Woman itchy skin scratching her neck

This is not a myth — large breasts, especially with a large glandular makeup, can give a woman chronic back and neck pain. Large breasts can create problems with posture. They can even lead to nerve compression, which creates tingling in your hands.

When you have breast reduction surgery with Dr. Lombardo, this can definitely relieve back and neck pain. After having breast reduction surgery, many of our patients say they feel as if a burden has literally been lifted, and when you consider the 5 to 6 plus pounds involved, it has.

Can I Combine A Breast Reduction With Another Procedure?

Breast reduction has a good deal in common with breast lifts in the incision locations and the removal of excess sagging skin. Reduction simply removes more fatty tissue than a breast lift does. Breast lifts are a part of every mommy makeover, which combines a lift with a tummy tuck and liposuction. Since they are so similar, you could combine these procedures with a breast reduction if you have sagging abdominal skin. 

Liposuction is a natural addition to breast reduction surgery. Modern liposuction with Dr. Lombardo is only minimally invasive, thanks to the use of the tumescent solution, smaller cannulas, and such. You could tighten up your abdomen or shrink your flanks in the same surgical session as your breast reduction.

If you’re interested in combining procedures, let’s discuss the options during your consultation.

Will I Be Able To Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?

close up partial view of young mother breastfeeding infant baby

During this surgery, glandular tissue is removed, milk ducts and nerves likely will be cut, and the nipples are relocated to a new, higher location on the chest. All of this impacts the ability to breastfeed. Dr. Lombardo does her best to minimize impact, but the changes made to the breasts are extensive.

There’s no way to know for sure if your breastfeeding capability has been impacted until you become pregnant and find out. But there is a good chance that breastfeeding will be diminished if not impossible.

Will I Lose Feeling In My Nipples After Breast Reduction Surgery?

While Dr. Lombardo makes every effort to minimize any disruption to your nipple sensation, there is a good chance there will be some diminishment in sensation. That’s because this procedure removes excess breast tissue and skin, and it typically requires the nipples to be moved. It can be very difficult to preserve all of the nerve connections. Some of this sensation can return as the nerves adjust.

Still, most patients feel the gains made through breast reduction are well worth any loss of sensation in their nipples.

What Will My Scarring Be Like After Reduction Surgery?

This procedure involves a sizable incision and thus will create scarring. Your incision scars will be pink for a few weeks, and then they will begin to lighten. They will always be there, but their appearance will continue to improve with time.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Make My Scars Less Visible?

Woman wearing a compressing bra

The best advice for managing or attempting to minimize the appearance of your scars is to leave the silicone wound dressings in place until Dr. Lombardo removes them at your follow-up. Also, wearing your surgical bra and then your support bra at all times during the first 4-6 weeks is critical. This eliminates any pressure on the incisions, which keeps the scars as narrow as possible. It also helps eliminate some of the redness.

Keep your scars out of the sun. Healing skin is extra sensitive, plus sun exposure makes scars darken. A product called bioCorneum+ SPF 30 is a good topical silicone treatment that doubles as a sunscreen. It creates an invisible protective layer over the scar. This keeps it clean, supported, and shielded from UV rays.

Topical scar-minimizing treatments keep the area moisturized and help to minimize the appearance of the scars. SkinMedica makes one such product called Scar Recovery Gel with Centerline.

Lightly massaging your scars can help them heal more smoothly. But you cannot do this too early and put stress on your incisions. Ask Dr. Lombardo when massage could be appropriate, along with the proper technique.

What Are The Potential Risks With Breast Reduction Surgery?

The main risk specific to this surgery is the loss of nipple sensation or overall changes in breast sensation. This is because the nerves can be impacted by the relatively extensive changes in the breasts. Also, the ability to breastfeed can be impacted by this surgery. Dr. Lombardo works to avoid these issues, but they are possible.

Really, when considering the risks involved with breast reduction surgery, there is more risk to your health in not addressing your heavy, sagging breasts. Problems such as back and neck pain, nerve compression, posture issues, and the like will only worsen as you get older. Improving these issues by having this surgery will correct those. Plus, we’ve found this surgery gives patients a new impetus to engage in more exercise and outdoor activities because they don’t have to cart around their heavy breasts and they no longer worry about undue attention. That’s good for your overall health moving forward.

Reduction Mammoplasty Cost

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies from person to person and based on the type of procedures necessary to give you the results you desire. Dr. Lombardo offers a free in-office consultation and price quote after assessing your individual needs and goals. To schedule your free breast reduction consultation, call: 760-610-8990. We also offer CareCredit financing.

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