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Patient Stories

L.P. – Liposuction Patient

“Dr. Lombardo is excellent at what she does. From start to finish, she was there as a support and confidant. I also received great and personalized after-care. I am pleased with my results and the care and attention I received and continue to get. You can’t ask for a better doctor and surgeon than Dr.… Read More »


“SO HAPPY AND SEXY!!! Thank you Dr. Lombardo!You are a God! My body was horrible after 3 babies. My breast were like empty sweat socks sagging to my belly button. I had horrible stretch marks… Now I am a new woman. My husband thinks I’m sexy again. I look beautiful and sexy in clothes and… Read More »

T.S. – Blepharoplasty (eyelid) Patient

“Thank you so much for being so warm and honest with me. The minute I met you I knew that you would be the doctor that I would put my trust in. You made me feel so comfortable with your kindness and your knowledge. Since you completed my eyes, I have been 100% more confident… Read More »

C.B., actress in LA – Botox, Filler & Chemical Peel Patient

“In my business, you need to look great without looking like you’ve had work done. That’s what Dr. Lombardo delivers. She takes her time and pays attention to every detail to ensure great results. You’ll look better, feel refreshed and best of all not look like you’ve had anything done. I have thousands of doctors… Read More »

R.N. – Breast Augmentation Patient

“I am super happy with the work you did on my implants (oh and my husband is very happy too:) ). I woke up one morning asking myself why I waited so long to do this and then I answered myself by saying I was waiting for the perfect doctor to come along and that’s… Read More »

F.R. – Traveling With Françoise

“Seeking a doctor interested in helping me achieve a natural looking lower face and neck lift was quite a challenge. After two years of searching for a doctor committed to my concerns, not what they think I should look like!! I struck gold with Dr. Maria Lombardo. Not only is she a talented Cosmetic Surgeon… Read More »

M.G. – Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Patient

“I had two surgeries with Dr. Lombardo and I am completely satisfied with her work and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lombardo to family, friends, and others. Dr. Lombardo is very personable, professional, and caring. I was especially pleased with Dr. Lombardo’s follow-up to insure that I was doing okay after surgery and… Read More »

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