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Lip Augmentation | Palm Springs CA
Lip augmentation is used to enhance lips that have thinned due to age or are naturally thin. The results are fuller, plumper lips that look completely natural. There are many different lip fillers used in lip augmentation procedures today. Collagen lip injection is the most familiar method but hyaluronic acid fillers are rising in popularity. Restylane®, Perlane, JUVÉDERM® are all viable options for lip enhancement. All of these injectable increase the volume of the lips and can reduce the appearance of upper lip wrinkles and “smoker’s lines.” Results do not last forever; upkeep may be required.

For patients with advanced signs of aging, lip implants may be recommended. This is a surgical procedure that delivers more noticeable and more permanent results than fillers.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip enhancement using fillers is a quick, outpatient procedure that is done in our office. A numbing agent is applied to the lip area so you won’t feel the injections. Then, the lip filler you’ve chosen is injected into the lips. You won’t experience any side effects other than some swelling and bruising, which subsides within a few days. Most people don’t even need to adjust their day-to-day schedules after receiving lip enhancement with fillers.

Lip implants require local anesthesia or sedation as well as incisions. These incisions are located in natural creases where scars will be less noticeable, such as the base of the nose or at the lower and upper borders of the lip. After the implant has been placed, the incision site is sutured closed both internally and externally.

Ideal Candidates for Lip Enhancement

Ideal candidates for surgical lip enhancement have:

  • Thin lips
  • Lips that lack definition or volume
  • Lips that are disproportionate to the rest of the face

Candidates seeking injectable lip fillers should:

  • have thin lips
  • have a defined “cupid’s bow”
  • have significant showing of the red portion of the lip

Lip Augmentation Recovery

Recovery time for injected lip fillers is minimal. The lips may be sore, swollen and bruised after the procedure. Swelling should subside within 3 days with bruises taking up to a week to disappear.

A recovery time of 1 to 2 weeks is normal for lip implants with sutures being removed around Day 5. You will need to take special care cleaning around your lips during this time.

Cost of Lip Augmentation

Costs for lip augmentation vary depending on the specific procedures performed and the amount of filler required to achieve the desired outcome. Dr. Lombardo offers a free in-office consultation and price quote after assessing your individual needs and goals. To schedule your free consultation, call our office at: (760) 610-8990.

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