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Plastic Surgery’s History: From the Ancient Egyptians to Modern Times

The history of plastic surgery is long and fascinating. Ancient Egyptians were some of the first to experiment with surgical techniques to improve appearance. In the intervening millennia, surgical procedures have become increasingly sophisticated. Here, we’ll look at the history of plastic surgery, from the ancient Egyptians to modern times. The History of Plastic Surgery:… Read More »

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2022
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Dr. Lombardo’s Summer Fillers Sale

Remove wrinkles from your summer plans with Dr. Lombardo’s Summer Fillers Sale! Plus earn Double Allē Points when you use 2-3 syringes of JUVÉDERM® product in the same visit. That’s up to $120 in Allē points! Click below to learn more and purchase today!

  • Posted on: Aug 1 2022
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Beautiful brunette spa girl with glowing hydrated facial skin touching healthy palm.

How To Take Care of Your Skin After a Chemical Peel

If you are considering getting a chemical peel, you should know that it is not just one treatment. There are several steps involved in the process, and each one takes time. First, you need to consider the type of chemical peel that you want to have done on your face or body. There are different… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jul 30 2022
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Beautiful model woman with shiny and straight long hair.

Why Eye Surgery is So Popular

Under eye surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure that can enhance the appearance of your eyes by reducing or eliminating under eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles. There are many reasons why people choose to undergo this procedure, from improving self-confidence to being more competitive in the job market. If you’re considering under eye surgery,… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2022
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Womans body with measuring tape close up.

What To Expect After A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. It’s estimated that more than 300,000 women undergo this procedure each year. The goal of a tummy tuck is to remove excess fat and skin from around your abdomen, along with tightening of the muscles and… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jun 30 2022
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woman body chest breast with bra

Helpful Hints for Breast Augmentation Recovery

Many women have chosen breast augmentation to enhance their body confidence and self-esteem. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States and has been performed for over 30 years. This procedure can be done with or without an implant. Breast Augmentation Recovery Breast augmentation surgery can be performed using… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2022
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Are Your Hands Betraying Your Age?

Knowing something like the back of your hand is quite a level of mastery. However, looking at your hands now, are they telling the truth about your age?  If your hands are exposed to the sun and the elements regularly, the effects of aging are intensified. The rigors of daily life can make your hands… Read More »

  • Posted on: May 30 2022
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Girl with big Breasts in white underwear

Top Reasons to Consider Breast Implant Removal and Revision

Breast implant removal and revision is a crucial procedure. Women undergo this surgery for various reasons, such as aging, problems with the implants, and the desire to change implant size or shape. This article outlines the top reasons to consider breast implant removal and revision. Changes in Glandular/Breast Tissues Your breast tissues change as you… Read More »

  • Posted on: May 15 2022
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Dr. Lombardo’s May Monthly Special

Face Forward with Dr. Lombardo’s May special on #skincare products to help you rejuvenate, renew and refresh! ☎️ (760) 610-8990 Call today to purchase and schedule your appointment!

  • Posted on: May 1 2022
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Woman Applying Sun Cream on Tanned Shoulder

A Friendly Reminder: The Sun is Not Your Skin’s Friend

There is no shortage of sunny days around here in Southern California. While we’re not on the coast, almost any day could be a pool day. That’s part of what makes the Palm Desert area so popular among Snowbirds who love getting away from the cloudy, rainy, or snowy weather elsewhere! Still, even if you’re… Read More »

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