How Painful is a Tummy Tuck?

With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.The midsection is notoriously difficult to tone and tighten once it has gone awry. The muscles and skin that cover the abdominal area are susceptible to numerous changes. With age, the skin loses resilience and can sag. With weight changes and pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch and loosen. These changes can be immensely difficult to correct and, after some time, most people get frustrated trying to do so. On the flip side, there is abdominoplasty. The surgery known as the tummy tuck can be immensely gratifying. But first patients must overcome apprehension related to pain. The vast majority of patients to visit us to discuss abdominoplasty are curious about how painful their procedure and recovery will be. If you’re feeling hopeless about the prospect of tightening and sculpting your tummy with diet and exercise, you may be wondering about abdominoplasty. We’ll discuss the matter of pain here.

Regardless of the temporary challenges that come with a tummy tuck, this procedure maintains a 95% Worth It rating. That speaks to the satisfying results that patients gain from their treatment choice. It also supports the idea that there is nothing excruciating about this procedure nor its recovery. As the body heals after the abdominoplasty procedure, it isn’t the incisions that cause discomfort. It is the muscles. For several weeks after surgery, the incisions may actually feel numb or desensitized. Also for a short time, usually only a week or two, the muscles feel tight.

How Long Does Muscle Tightness Last after a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck works through a precision suturing technique that holds tightened muscles in place. Before surgery, the lax muscles had plenty of roominess to expand and spread across the abdomen. The tummy tuck removes this room from the breast bone to the pubic bone. As a result of being tightened and secured in place, the muscles are easily fatigued and sore. The soreness is like a massive boot camp for the muscles, but it is not intolerable. We understand that it can sound that way, hearing that it is difficult to stand upright for a week or two, but there are ways to mitigate discomfort and make the entire process more peaceful.

The muscle soreness after a tummy tuck must be handled with care. Patients should not push their activity level and should live with a “recovery mindset” until they have regained full flexion and a comfortable range of motion, which takes only 4 to 6 weeks. This can be challenging for the busy adult who is used to taking care of all the things; from working to cooking to cleaning to caring for family and still finding time for exercise. That’s a lot for anyone, and a recipe for a stressful recovery if the idea of recovery cannot be mastered well ahead of time. For the best recovery from abdominoplasty, we encourage patients to let go of the idea of normalcy for a two-week period after surgery. No pressure to cook or clean or do all the things. No working from home or answering important emails. No errands. Just rest. It is completely normal to sleep a lot after surgery. This is highly encouraged because it helps the body heal.

Tummy tuck recovery can be an exciting time for the patient who embraces the concept of rest. Support from friends and a healthy mindset are two key factors in achieving this. If you have more questions about abdominoplasty or would like to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lombardo, contact our Rancho Mirage office at (760) 610-8990.

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