Your Mommy Body is Your Business

Plastic surgery is a common practice these days. It has been for many years but has been something that people keep quiet about. This phenomenon of stigmatizing plastic surgery has existed since cosmetic procedures first began and it hasn’t entirely ended. Not in the United States, anyway. In other countries, such as Brazil, a person wanting plastic surgery is generally applauded for taking steps to feel their best. Here, women who express interest in procedures such as a mommy makeover are sometimes questioned or even shamed for wanting to correct cosmetic changes that have resulted from motherhood.

Being a mother is incredibly rewarding in many ways. Cosmetically speaking, it isn’t always. If a woman wishes to correct sagging breasts or a puffy belly sometime after becoming a mother, that is her prerogative and only her business to address. We are here in support of those women and are committed to providing information in a compassionate environment, knowing that a mommy makeover is a big decision.

Reasons for a Mommy Makeover

The widespread though about a mommy makeover is that this treatment improves appearance. This is true, but there are deeper reasons why women seek surgical intervention to achieve their goals.

Ending the Rut

After having children, some women get into a rut of diet and exercise that never seems to pay off. This is a frustrating endeavor because, as healthy as diet and exercise can be, these habits may not be enough to address the physical changes of motherhood. A mommy makeover is certainly not a shortcut. The series of procedures performed do not magically erase excess baby weight. The process is intended to build upon what has already been done to restore shape to the body.

It’s Not Just about Appearance

A developing baby means a growing belly. For some women, the expansion of their midsection alters musculature in a way that cannot be corrected with exercise. Severe stretching of the abdominal muscles, or the separation of these muscles, need to be met with an equal opposite. That means surgical repair. In addition to causing visible sagging, significant muscle expansion or separation can also increase the risk of a hernia developing, low back pain and of urinary incontinence.

Your Body, Your Choice

Motherhood throws many surprises your way. The way that you look can be one of them but is, fortunately, one that is within your control to correct. Manage your beauty with the help of a skilled plastic surgeon. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Maria Lombardo, call (760) 610-8990.

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