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New to Botox? Here’s What You Can Expect!

New to Botox? Here’s What You Can Expect!Botox cosmetic was one of the first FDA-approved injectables intended solely for cosmetic use. It was not the first use of botulinum toxin; that had been common for quite some time in the treatment of various muscular disorders. Still, the approval of this substance for cosmetic gains changed the way we look at aging. Now, hundreds of thousands of people get Botox every year. If you’re thinking about scheduling your first appointment, you want to know what to expect. We’ll walk you through the process here.

Your Consultation

When you visit our office in Rancho Mirage for your first Botox appointment, we will begin by getting to know your goals. Sometimes, because Botox is pretty much a household name, people assume that this is what they need to address the signs of aging that concern them. Our objective is to provide each patient with the results they want and, based on what we learn during our consultation, that may or may not involve Botox. After we discuss what you wish to accomplish with your injectable treatment, we can recommend which product or products would meet your needs.


Once you have received the information necessary to make a confident decision about your treatment, we can commence with injections whenever you are ready. Injections are usually administered right after the consultation. The provider cleanses the skin in the treatment area and gets right to work. No anesthetic is needed because the needle that is used is very small and is inserted just under the skin into superficial muscle tissue. You can expect to feel a minor pinch with each injection. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Recovery and Results

When you get Botox for the first time, you may want to have the option of going home after leaving the office. Many people can immediately resume normal activities, even going back to work. However, you might like to see how your body responds to this drug in the comfort of your own home. The most common side effects of Botox (and other injectables) are swelling and redness. This is not widespread but at the points where injections are given. These usually resolve in a few hours.

The effects of Botox build over several days. We typically expect results to be most visible after about one week. After that point, the muscles stay smooth and relaxed for 3 to 6 months. With occasional touch-ups, our patients retain more control over their aging process.

Look like your most rested, vibrant self this holiday season. Call (760) 610-8990 to schedule your Botox treatment with us.

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