Tummy Tuck Truths You Should Know

We see an interesting phenomenon happen when a treatment or procedure is exceptionally popular, misinformation gets spread like wildfire. Tummy tuck surgery can pave the way for meaningful, satisfying changes. However, for the first-time patient, this procedure can be difficult to navigate simply because there is so much information out there. Out where? On the internet, where most people look first when they want to learn something. Here, we get down to three truths you should know if you’d like a tighter, smoother tummy.

Tummy tucks are customized to each person.

Every tummy is unique, so how could a cookie-cutter tummy tuck possibly achieve great results for each patient? Fortunately, there is nothing cookie-cutter about tummy tuck surgery. When you consult with Dr. Lombardo about this procedure, you can expect your treatment process to involve the careful evaluation of your goals as well as your unique anatomy. This consideration guides the creation of the best surgical plan for you. This may involve one technique or multiple approaches.

Diet and exercise just don’t do it for some people.

Many people who would like to tighten and tone their midsection are met with the best intentions but the wrong information. As well-meaning as people may be when they say things like, “you look great just as you are.” Or “just eat well and exercise and you’ll get to where you want to be.” This isn’t true for everyone. Weight loss and muscle toning have little effect on skin and connective tissue that have been stretched beyond repair. Abdominal muscles can also get so stretched during pregnancy or from obesity that they separate. The only way to reattach separated muscles is with surgery.

Tummy tucks are not about weight loss.

Some people are led to believe that a tummy tuck could kick-start a new and improved wellness program through which they can lose some extra pounds. A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure. Nor is liposuction, on that note. The purpose of the tummy tuck is to put the finishing touches on the body by tightening and trimming loose tissue that will not retract on its own.

We are proud to serve patients in the Rancho Mirage area, as well as those who travel for the extraordinary care they receive from Dr. Maria Lombardo. To learn more about our services or to schedule your consultation, call (760) 610-8990.

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