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Cosmetic Surgery Blues? What You Need to Know.

Cosmetic Surgery Blues? What You Need to Know.It is an exciting endeavor to have cosmetic surgery. Once the decision has been made and consultation set, most people feel a great deal of excitement about what’s to come. Nearly every part of the getting-ready process is filled with anticipation for an optimal outcome and better quality of life bolstered by enhanced confidence. It is extremely rare for a person to consider the emotional difficulties that might occur along the road to recovery. Encountering the blues, also known as postoperative depression, after surgery can be jarring if completely unexpected. That’s why it’s important that we discuss this matter ahead of time.

Postoperative Sadness: What Gives?

It isn’t unheard of for a person to experience sadness and other negative emotions after having surgery. Usually, we associated these feelings with a major procedure like a hysterectomy or open heart surgery. But cosmetic surgery? We assume that, when treatment goes well, patients would be over the moon happy with their decision. This is why, if sadness strikes, a patient may be not only distressed but confused, to boot.

There are actually good reasons that some people get sad after having a beneficial elective cosmetic procedure. First, even an elective procedure like breast augmentation can carry a little bit of stress. Patients may have some level of hesitancy or nervousness about general anesthesia and about how their body will heal. The act of surgery on the body, even with general anesthesia and zero pain registered in the brain, is physically taxing. Couple these factors with the fatigue that one feels after surgery, and with having to rely on others for basic needs, and we see a well-balanced recipe for sadness.

Keeping the Postoperative Blues at Bay

Simple awareness about the potential for some sad feelings after cosmetic surgery can do a lot to minimize it if it does occur. Information is also beneficial. Before surgery, it can be helpful to ask questions about what to expect right after surgery, how you will look, and what side effects warrant a call to the office. Our patients receive detailed postoperative instructions that cover a lot of this information.

Additional steps to maintain mood after surgery include:

  • Have healthy, delicious meals already made, or available for delivery. It is helpful to not have to cook while recovering.
  • Have a good support team of people who have a positive attitude about your surgery. These people can text or call to check in on you and remind you why you had your procedure.
  • Have plenty of entertainment to keep you somewhat distracted from potential feelings of second-guessing your decision.

We are here to support our patients through their surgical process. Contact our Rancho Mirage office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lombardo.

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