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Got Saddlebags? We’ve Got Solutions!

Got Saddlebags? We’ve Got Solutions!Everyone stores fat in a way that is unique to their body and genetics. Some are more prone to abdominal fat. This is the problem we tend to hear about the most. However, for many women, fat gets stored in the outer thighs and buttocks or hip areas. We refer to this problem as saddlebags. As much as we may know that saddlebags are a problem, we don’t tend to hear much about why some women get them and, most importantly, what can be done to get rid of them for good.

Why Saddlebags Develop

The development of saddlebags isn’t a matter of fat alone. There are a few factors that join forces to enable these pockets of fat to form. Factors that may influence this include:

  • Poor muscle tone. It’s safe to say that the majority of people in our country do more sitting than standing or exercising. Having a desk job is the norm. The problem is, when we sit all day and do not use the buttocks and lower back muscles often, they atrophy. Underused, poorly-toned glutes pave the way for softer fatty tissue to fall to the side, causing the buttocks to sag and the thighs and hips to widen.
  • Most people experience some degree of hormonal disruption in their lifetime. We often don’t recognize that some foods, supplements, and even dishes like plastic storage containers could disrupt hormone levels. Hormones affect nearly all physical processes, including the way we store fat. Does this mean we need hormone replacement therapy? No. Studies suggest that a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods can go a long way in supporting not only hormone balance but weight.
  • We get our genes from our mothers and fathers, grandmothers, and so on. If you look at the women who came before you in your family and see saddlebags, you know that your risk of this problem is greater. Remember, though, a higher risk is still manageable.

What to Do About Saddlebags

  • Take control of your weight. If those excess pounds are stubborn, as they tend to be, consider a medical weight loss program overseen by an experienced physician. Dr. Lombardo has helped many patients reach a healthy weight through the hCG diet.
  • Perform exercises to tone the glutes and thighs. Exercises like squats and stair-climbing can gradually reverse the muscle atrophy that occurs from our generally sedentary lifestyles.

We know that diet and exercise cannot spot reduce fat, though they can help maintain a better shape. If, despite healthy changes, saddlebags hang around, the ideal solution may be to get rid of them for good through liposuction. This outpatient procedure removes fat in a way that sculpts the thighs, buttocks, and hips to match the body frame.

We can help you say so long to saddlebags. Call (760) 610-8990 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lombardo.

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