Three Things You Must Do After Plastic Surgery

Contrary to what it looked like about this time last year, interest in plastic surgery has not diminished. After a brief period in which the medical community had to determine how to maximize the safety of office visits and surgical procedures, we got right back to work making the world a more beautiful place, one face and body at a time. Since adults of all ages are scheduling procedures like facelifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, and abdominoplasty, we find it necessary to promote ways to maximize the experience. Here, we discuss three things every patient should do during their recovery period.


You’ve had surgery. It’s obvious that you will need some extra rest for a few days to a few weeks. Why would we mention this as a must-do, then? Because people don’t do it. Many adults today were not brought up to appreciate rest and relaxation. For many of our patients, spending a few days sitting on the couch or lying comfortably under some cozy blankets, reading a book or watching movies, sounds delightful. Putting that concept into action? Not so easy. Here’s the thing, though. A healthy body can get by on 7 to 8  hours of sleep a night. A body that is healing from injury or illness needs more like 10. Even with that, you may gain a new love for nap-time. Take this to heart before your surgery day so you don’t find yourself pushing for too much too soon. 

Move Around

In the brief periods that you are awake as you recover from surgery, it is imperative that you move around. The ease of daily activity will depend on the procedure you’ve had done. Most patients, though, are able to get up and walk around the day of their procedure. We’re not saying you should walk around the block as soon as you get home from surgery. We’re saying to gradually increase how much you move, being careful to keep it light (no power-walking!), until Dr. Lombardo clears you for all levels of activity. 

Eat Well

When healing tissue, the body relies on a variety of antioxidants, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. You won’t get the amount you need by having fast food delivered during your recovery. Find healthy restaurants that can feed your cravings with nutritious dishes that will feed your healing body.

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