If you Want Plastic Surgery, you may have to Get Out of Your Own Way

Plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and facelifts have been popular for many years. According to statistics, nearly 2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2019. Still, many people stop short of making that phone call to a plastic surgeon. There are many reasons given for the procrastination that occurs. Often, though, they come down to the ideas that have been taught about plastic surgery and the people who have it. Here, we discuss why it may be necessary to get out of your own way so you can feel your best.

Do You Have Ideas about Plastic Surgery That Don’t Serve You?

We all have ideas about various things in life. Plastic surgery is one of them and it may be one that doesn’t come up until we’re considering how a certain procedure may address a cosmetic concern. Common ideas about plastic surgery include:

Plastic surgery is taking the easy way out.

It wasn’t very long ago when plastic surgery was something one would hide. Celebrities, even those who portrayed the tell-tale signs of a facelift or other enhancement, would deny the assistance they had in looking as young as they did. Conversely, we’ve all seen celebrities that had no choice but to admit to plastic surgery. Why? Because it was done badly. The point here is to question why plastic surgery would be something to hide. It comes down to an idea. For many, that idea is that having plastic surgery is taking the easy way out. To that question, we have to ask out of what? Out of feeling self-conscious about a cosmetic concern that cannot be addressed in any other way but to have plastic surgery? Out of feeling “not ourselves” due to the signs of aging? We’re here to tell you that plastic surgery is not an easy way out of cosmetic problems. It is a new starting point that is usually followed up with healthy lifestyle habits that support the results that surgery has achieved.

I should just be confident with how I look.

We’re all about feeling confident and we are fully supportive of those who do without any cosmetic assistance. On the other hand, no one should feel obligated to live with an appearance that not only doesn’t foster self-confidence. Here’s what often happens when someone expresses that they have a cosmetic concern: well-meaning loved-ones say “you are perfect just as you are.” These words are spoken in love, but they don’t help a person who feels they can look better. Having plastic surgery doesn’t mean you feel something is wrong with you and you need “fixing.” It means you love yourself and want your body and face to portray your inner vibrancy.

You deserve to feel your best. We would love to help you. Call our Rancho Mirage office at (760) 610-8990 to explore your treatment options.

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