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The Unique Effects that Weight Gain Has on Women

Liposuction Rancho Mirage CANone of us are the same. We all have our own personal body shape, no matter what fashion magazines try to tell us. While work has been done to put each person into one of several categories of body type – hourglass, apple, pear – there is no way of predicting how the body may change with weight. Here, we discuss the areas of a woman’s body that may be troublesome in terms of fat storage and why women are uniquely affected by weight gain. This information can be especially beneficial for any woman considering liposuction to remedy those trouble spots we refer to.

Where the Weight Goes

When men gain weight, it is the fat cells around the midsection that tend to expand, causing a potbelly. In contrast, women’s fat cells are more likely to grow around the thighs, buttocks, breasts, and lower abdominal area. It is these areas that support energy for pregnancy and lactation, which is why the cells located here may be more likely to store fat.

One of the primary reasons why women and men differ in the area of fat storage is because each has a particular blend of hormones that support physical wellness. When a girl reaches adolescence and begins producing higher amounts of estrogen, her fat cell growth speeds up to twice the rate of the average boy. Therefore, by her mid-twenties, a woman is very likely to have more fat cells than men her age. What is interesting about this whole estrogen party is that, when a woman reaches menopause, the absence of estrogen makes it more difficult to burn fat.

Not to Worry

We know a lot more today than we did a few decades ago. We know that specific ways of eating can provide us with the nutrients we need without significantly increasing our fat storage. We know that exercise makes us feel better, look better, and age better. We also know that diet and exercise aren’t always the final solution.

If you are troubled by excess fatty tissue in any of the common areas, or in a less-common area such as the backs of your arms or under your chin, you have the option of saying “thanks, but no thanks.” Dr. Lombardo is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who routinely performs liposuction to spot-reduce the trouble areas that create frustration.

Learn more about liposuction in consultation with Dr. Lombardo. Call our Rancho Mirage office at (760) 610-8990 to schedule your visit.

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