Do These 4 Things If You’re Planning Liposuction

It’s New Year, New You time again and, after spending much of the past 12 months just trying to stay healthy, many people are ready for some gratifying changes. Liposuction is one way to achieve those body-contouring goals you’ve had but haven’t been able to achieve just yet. If you’re considering liposuction, the first essential on your list is to find an experienced surgeon who has an excellent record of success. There are other items that your surgeon will suggest to help you recover well after liposuction. Here, we list 4 things to do starting right now to make the most of your liposuction journey.

Hit your goal weight.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. It is a mode of refining what you’ve got. Now, you don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to have liposuction done on a trouble-spot, but you should be close to your goal weight. One reason is that liposuction will not result in much weight loss. Another reason is that if you have liposuction and then continue to lose weight, you may be left with deflated, loose skin. If you are within 10 to 15 pounds of the weight you intend to maintain, you may be an excellent candidate for liposuction.

Build muscle.

The purpose of liposuction is not to tighten and tone any area of the body, it is to get rid of excess fatty tissue that is obscuring your ideal shape. Because liposuction removes tough fatty deposits, it can reveal more of your muscle tone. We suggest including strength training exercises in your workout routine as you prepare for liposuction. This way, you’ve got smooth, contoured muscle tone to shine through once stubborn fat is gone.

Don’t use nicotine.

Patients who are preparing for elective surgery are instructed not to smoke. There’s more to it. The nicotine that is in cigarettes may also be in other products, like gum that helps people quit smoking. The problem with nicotine is that it can degrade the results of plastic surgery. Nicotine restricts blood vessels and inhibits optimal blood flow. To heal well after surgery, the surgical area needs healthy circulation and oxygenation.

Change your diet.

A healthy diet is beneficial for every person. It is even more important to eat well when you’re having surgery. Before plastic surgery, including liposuction, a diet that includes leafy greens, fresh fruit, lean protein, and healthy fats is essential for optimal recovery. Then, of course, there is the added benefit of weight management that stems from a whole-food diet.

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