Lip Enhancement: No Pain, No Gain?

Closeup of beautiful sexy plump woman lips with lipstickIn the past few years, lip augmentation has become so immensely popular that injections into this area of the face have been dubbed the new beauty trend. In reality, humans have always admired full, shapely lips as a sign of youthfulness and attractiveness. The “trend” is only what it is because we now have the means to address thin, flat, uninteresting lips. While the treatment is one of the most frequently performed today, there are many people who are interested in lip injections but who keep procrastinating due to the idea of pain. Here, we’ll discuss just how uncomfortable lip injections might be. 

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Augmentation?

Injectable treatments are extremely popular but are not without some degree of discomfort. Still, several factors are at play here. What we have to weigh is how much lip injections can help a person feel great versus how much the brief treatment may hurt. Some of the benefits of injectable lip augmentation include:

  • Immediate results. Whether Dr. Lombardo injects fat cells into the lips or a dermal filler, injections provide immediate results. Patients leave the office with a new look and a new boost in confidence. 
  • Control. With immediate results comes a greater degree of control. Patients may watch as their provider performs treatment, seeing every moment of transformation is it occurs. For patients who don’t like the idea of watching their injections in action, periodic glances in a mirror allow them to observe their improvements in real time. This means they can determine just how much shaping they want. 
  • Control. Did we say that? We did! What patients often don’t realize is that they can get some of their dermal filler in one appointment and live with those results for a few weeks before determining if they want more enhancement. This allows those who want a gradual improvement to get just that. 

But Does it Hurt?

So, are lip injections one of those “no pain, no gain” situations? Not necessarily. This can be a difficult prediction to make simply because every person has a unique tolerance for pain. What we can say is that our lip injection appointments allot time to apply a topical anesthetic for 30 minutes before injections occur. This step does minimize the sensitivity of the lips and maximize the comfort each patient experiences. 

Lip injections are easy, fast, and satisfying. With our treatment technique, they can also be more comfortable. To schedule your lip treatment, contact our Rancho Mirage office at (760) 610-8990. 

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