Kybella Can Reframe Your Face

kybella facial rejuvenationFat is a problem that we usually associate with certain parts of the body. We know that men may struggle with a “beer belly” look even if they are not a drinker. We know women’s bodies have a way of holding on to fat just about anywhere, from the thighs to the back area at the bra line. Where we often don’t expect fat to accumulate is under the chin. However, this is a prime area for fat cells. Called submental fullness, the problem of excess fat on the upper neck is usually referred to as a double-chin. Impossible to hide, a double-chin can be a frustrating problem. In our Rancho Mirage office, Kybella is an excellent solution that has helped many of our patients.

Kybella is a newer injectable treatment that has been in the U.S. for a few years. Before FDA approval, the deoxycholic acid base of Kybella was used extensively in other countries. Since its emergence here, millions of treatments have been conducted. Here, we point out a few details that you will want to consider as you explore the potential of Kybella to sculpt your chin.

Kybella works naturally.

This injectable treatment is intended to work differently than surgical fat-reduction. Surgically, liposuction manually extracts fat cells from an area of the body. Kybella dismantles fat cells utilizes an acid that typically helps the body break down dietary fat. Research has concluded that deoxycholic acid could be introduced to a small accumulation of fat cells and have the same effect it does during digestion. Just as the acid dissolves dietary fat, it also degrades fat cells under the chin. Because deoxycholic acid naturally destroys fat cells so the body can eliminate them, it does take time for optimal results to appear. Many people need 3 to 4 treatments and about 12 weeks to see their ideal outcome from treatment.

Downtime should be scheduled.

Because Kybella is an injectable treatment, there may be a tendency to think of it like most other injectables; as a lunchtime procedure. It’s not. Kybella introduces a fair amount of fluid into the tissue under the chin and on the upper neck. The addition of this fluid, the deoxycholic acid that will break down fat cells, initially causes some swelling. The increase in volume may make the double-chin look worse at first. Fortunately, this lasts only a day or two. Knowing this, patients can schedule their Kybella treatment at a time when a few days can be reserved for staying home and relaxing if they so desire. Often, patients who receive treatment on a Friday can be back to their normal routine by Monday.

Our Rancho Mirage office is a comfortable, friendly place in which your cosmetic concerns can be made a priority. Learn more about how we can help you eliminate a double-chin. Schedule your consultation at (760) 610-8990.

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