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We Know Exactly What You Should Do After a Facelift

We Know Exactly What You Should Do After a FaceliftIn the past fifteen years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how we address the signs of aging. While plastic surgery used to be the only option for correcting sagging skin and other concerns, we now have injectables to relax dynamic wrinkles, fillers to restore volume, and other modalities to naturally tighten the skin. As convenient as these options are, none have come close to achieving what a facelift achieves. For this reason, many people still undergo this procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results.

One of the most common lines of questioning we get from patients who are considering facelift surgery is what to expect during their recovery. They have usually done a little research and have read that they will have some swelling and maybe some bruising. They know they’ll be sore or tender, and may need to wait a few days after their surgery to wash their face and hair. These are details that are important to know, but we’ve got two recommendations that we want to focus on here.

What to Do After Your Facelift

Control Comfort

Even when patients know that they will experience some degree of discomfort after undergoing facelift surgery, some try to wait it out. Here’s what can happen, and what we want you to avoid. When you undergo a facelift, you receive anesthesia. Anesthesia blocks pain signals for several hours. Sensation returns gradually, which can give the impression that “it’s not too bad.” For some people, this leads them to postpone starting their pain medication. This medication is prescribed to be taken as directed for a reason. We don’t want you to experience unnecessary pain and stress while your body is repairing itself. Follow your doctor’s orders, take your pain medication on time and as directed.


Ah, the number one recommendation for post-operative recovery: rest! Seeing that this is such a normal recommendation, why are we discussing it? Because too many patients struggle with this aspect of recovery! Once home and back in your normal environment, especially if you have pets, children, or others who typically rely on your feeding and care, rest can be incredibly difficult. You may feel guilty for the rest you need. You may feel as though it’s lazy and selfish to “sit around all day.” Do it anyway. You sitting back comfortably and catching up on your favorite shows is exactly what your body needs to repair; and the better your body repairs, the better your results will be.

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