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The New Trend in Facelifts

The New Trend in Facelifts

Facelifts have been performed by plastic surgeons for many years. We wouldn’t really say there are trends in how this procedure is performed, but there certainly have been changes over the years. Sometimes, a patient will ask what the latest and greatest facelift is. We understand the question, but must respond bluntly by stating that facelifts aren’t like fashion; there aren’t new styles that come out every so often. When considering a facelift, a patient will be treated as a custom model. Any kind of facial rejuvenation is completely tailored to individual need.

As medical advances have taken place, we’ve become even more capable of meeting the unique needs of each patient. A facelift may still follow the same general rules, but a few tweaks may be made here and there to meet current needs.

  • More patients are interested in minimally invasive techniques with shorter incisions and less downtime for recovery.
  • Newer techniques may address mild to moderate tissue laxity by focusing on superficial layers of the dermis rather than the deep muscle plane.
  • Facelift techniques now consciously avoid that “done” look we’ve seen over the years. The objective of facial rejuvenation is to result in people thinking “wow, you look great!” rather than “Who did your facelift?”
  • Surgeons know that facelift surgery can’t resolve all of the issues that aging presents. In many cases, face and neck lifts are combined with injectable treatments. This is because aging involves shrinking of the bone, muscle, and fatty tissue. For the face to look younger, it is essential that we recreate the contouring that shapes the cheeks and jawline. Some surgeons do this with fat injections. Dr. Lombardo currently restores facial volume using proven dermal fillers. These products are predictable and long-lasting.

When you get a facelift, you don’t want to look like you’ve had a facelift. The current model of treatment revolves around this concept. In our Rancho Mirage office, patients receive the comprehensive information they need to determine their best approach to facial rejuvenation. Whether that involves nonsurgical modalities only or a combination of surgical and injectable procedures, our objective remains the same; to achieve the satisfying results you deserve.

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